Dassault Falcon Training Matters

Course Helps Pilots Learn and Manage Aircraft Energy During Descents

FlightSafety now offers the Energy Management Course for Falcon 900EX EASy Series operators at our Teterboro Learning Center.

The Energy Management Course puts two pilots in a simulator for four hours of intensive scenarios that provide a physics-based approach to managing aircraft energy during descents. This training is now available for the Falcon 900EX EASy Series.

Initial scenarios demonstrate the aircraft’s “neutral energy state” to establish a frame of reference. Subsequent scenarios demonstrate a variety of potential issues. Crews are asked at the beginning of each new scenario to predict whether the approach will be unstable. After the scenario plays out, they debrief with the instructor, including a discussion on whether their prediction was correct.

Each pilot takes the left seat for two hours involving eight scenarios. The final scenario serves as a final exam of sorts, presenting the most complex scenario and requiring the lead pilot to put all the lessons of the training session to the test.

The Energy Management Course will soon be available at our Dallas and Paris Learning Centers and will be incorporated into other Falcon programs as well.