Dassault Falcon Training Matters

Falcon Simulator Upgrades

As part of its ongoing effort to support and invest in legacy Dassault Falcon training programs, FlightSafety in 2016 will upgrade several Falcon 900/900EX simulators. Simulators in Teterboro, New Jersey; Dallas, Texas; and Wilmington, Delaware, will upgrade to FMS 6.1. The FMS 6.1 upgrade will allow customers to train WAAS/LPV approaches and train with the latest FMS software version available. FMS 6.1 allows clients to observe failures or deviations associated with WAAS/LPV software and satellites while in a safe training environment. Pilots will train as they fly with this new enhancement, assessing the failure and reacting in the appropriate manner close to the ground, when decision-making is most critical.

In another effort to keep up with current fleet trends, the Falcon 7X simulators in Dallas, Texas, and Paris-Le Bourget, France, will be upgraded to 7X EASy II+ this year.

Additional simulator upgrades will be announced as the decisions are made.