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Embraer Legacy 500 – All-New Training for a Clean-Sheet Aircraft

An aircraft as innovative as the Embraer Legacy 500 demands equally advanced training in a simulator that faithfully replicates the aircraft’s advanced features including fly-by-wire, brake-by-wire and Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion cockpit. FlightSafety delivers, with an advanced-technology simulator that incorporates electric motion and control loading, industry-leading VITAL 1100 visuals and a full suite of matching avionics.

“The Legacy 500 is indeed the best-in-class midsize jet, which delivers an impressive combination of comfort, advanced technology, speed and range; all at a low operating cost,” says Marco Túlio Pellegrini, President & CEO, Embraer Executive Jets.

FlightSafety’s comprehensive, professional training ensures that operators will be able to take full advantage of the Legacy 500’s innovative features and built-in safety enhancements.

Factory-Authorized Training
Embraer chose FlightSafety as its factory-authorized trainer to give operators access to the best value in safety-focused training. The two have been collaborating from the earliest days of the aircraft’s development to design and build a state-of-the-art Level D simulator and from-the-ground-up training for Legacy 500 operators. The close working relationship between FlightSafety and Embraer ensures the simulator reflects the highest possible fidelity and accuracy, and training always incorporates the latest updates and field reports.

Training at the Leading Edge
The new Legacy 500 training program features full fly-by-wire, integrated EICAS, graphical flight planning, paperless cockpit, the HTF7000 Honeywell engine series, standard SVS, VNAV, auto throttle and the Pro Line Fusion avionics.

A full slate of Legacy 500 maintenance training will also be available at the St. Louis Learning Center and includes maintenance initial and practical, avionics initial and practical, avionics add-on and practical, and maintenance familiarization. The center also offers simulator-based engine run and taxi. Engine run and taxi training also is available through eLearning.

Training takes full advantage of the latest in educational technology and instructional expertise. Tablet computers, widescreen projection and aircraft hardware are just a few of the items that improve the Customer training experience. The vision is not simply to offer training for operators, but to provide a comprehensive hands-on experience that enhances aircraft knowledge operational safety.

Operational Day Flow
Legacy 500 training will incorporate FlightSafety’s exclusive Operational Day Flow, which takes full advantage of the MATRIX technology and its ability to deliver realistic scenarios. This approaches training from an operational environment rather than the more traditional systems-oriented method. Avionics training begins on day one, and all training takes place within the context of flight profiles and engaging activities. This contextual training has been demonstrated to improve both retention rates and resulting proficiency.