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FlightSafety Offers Legacy 650 Training on Both Sides of the Atlantic

Operators flying Embraer Legacy 650 executive jets now have the option to train at FlightSafety Learning Centers in Paris or St. Louis. Both centers feature dedicated Legacy 650 simulators qualified to Level D by the FAA, while the Paris’ simulator also is qualified by EASA.

The Legacy 650, the latest development of the incredibly successful Legacy 600 executive jet, offers extended range, large-cabin comfort and state-of-the-art Primus Elite avionics with advanced features including charts and maps, FANS 1A, RNP 0.3, RAAS, Baro-VNAV, SM Weather, LPV WAAS and Honeywell FMS 6.1 – features that are reflected in the advanced-technology simulators and safety-focused training.

The simulators feature the latest in FlightSafety’s training innovations, including advanced VITAL visuals with worldwide database. In addition to Legacy 650 aircraft operators, the simulator can be used for training by operators of Embraer Legacy 600 with Primus Elite avionics.

Legacy 600 Training Options
Legacy 600 operators who have not upgraded to FMS 6.1 SB also still have the option to train in Embraer ERJ 145 simulators located in St. Louis and Houston. Operators using FMS 6.1 SB must train in a Legacy 650 simulator.

In order to receive Level D differences training associated with the VNAV feature of the Legacy 650, operators who train in Houston can attend a stand-alone differences course now available at the St. Louis Learning Center.