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Updates and Improvements for Team Gulfstream
Avionics Upgraded in Gulfstream G280 Simulator
Building Skyways with ARNP
Where to Find FlightSafety’s Gulfstream Training
CPDLC/ADS-C Course Now Available
Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT)
Cabin Management Courses Offer Leading-Edge Training
Developing the Next Generation of Pilot Training
Maintenance Updates


Cabin Management Courses Offer Leading-Edge Training

Gulfstream’s advanced cabin systems present unique challenges for training. FlightSafety, in partnership with Gulfstream and Satcom Direct, offers equally state-of-the-art training to meet that challenge.

The Total Technical Training program increases operational knowledge as well as improves the troubleshooting skills of maintenance technicians, cabin attendants and pilots who support and maintain Gulfstream cabin systems. Instructors who are thoroughly familiar with aircraft as well as the latest cabin technology train on some of the industry’s biggest needs – connectivity and cabin management.

Gulfstream cabin systems experts reinforce classroom training with practical on-equipment experience. Interactive, practical training features FlightSafety-developed desktop simulators, aircraft-specific touchscreen emulators and Gulfstream’s Cabin Control app.


Cabin Systems Training for Maintenance Technicians
AeroIT is the world’s first information technology certification for aviation. The prep course and certification exam offered at the Savannah Learning Center equip flight departments with the knowledge to configure and troubleshoot onboard networks and satcom systems. Successful candidates receive a renewable AeroIT certification that is valid for three years.

The Cabin Communications course includes a description of the systems onboard the aircraft, operation, interfaces, configuration, downloading and troubleshooting. Satcom Direct provides hands-on operation and troubleshooting with the Iridium, Inmarsat and Viasat services in their connectivity lab in Savannah. Covered equipment includes:

Advanced Cabin Management courses are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of the cabin systems including entertainment, environmental control systems, lighting, window shades and heating/cooling control.

Cabin systems training for corporate flight attendants feature interactive learning and hands-on training. The course blends system descriptions with operational understanding. Systems covered include: