FlightSafety Adds NextGen Communications/Navigation to Its Expansive Series of Online Courses

NEW YORK (November 16, 2015) – FlightSafety adds NextGen Communication/Navigation course to its expansive series of eLearning courses. The course is designed to familiarize flight departments with the Next Generation of aviation/Future Air Navigation System (FANS).

“FlightSafety continues to expand its online training courses according to Customer needs,” said Daniel MacLellan, Vice President, Operations. “The recent addition of our NextGen Communication/Navigation course and others will help to enhance safety by ensuring our Customers have access to the training they require.”

This two-hour, self-paced, online course will benefit pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians. It covers key events in the history of Air Traffic Management that have led to the transition to NextGen. The course describes the basics of transponder and radar theory, and enables participants to identify Next Generation Air Transportation systems and networks. It also states the mandates and requirements for operations, and references the operational approval necessary for ADS-B and CPDLC. Other CPDLC eLearning courses are available for a wide variety of business aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream.

FlightSafety has recently introduced several other new online courses. They include CPDLC for the Garmin G3000/G5000 avionics suite, Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS), and Adverse Weather – Monsoon Operations.

CPDLC for Garmin G3000/G5000 avionics is an FAA-approved scenario-based course which satisfies the training requirements of AC 120-70 and the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

The Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) online course helps pilots to learn how to operate safely in MNPS airspace. FlightSafety’s VNAV Procedures Using MDA as a DA online course helps pilots to safely execute the technique of treating the Minimum Descent Altitude (MDA) of certain Non-Precision Approach Procedures (NPAs) like it’s a Decision Altitude (DA). This FAA-approved course allows operators to complete the ground school training required for authorization of this option for VNAV approaches.

The Adverse Weather – Monsoon Operations online course covers flying in adverse weather conditions. Pilots will gain a thorough understanding of the flight environment, meteorology, and the risks associated with the monsoon climate. Other weather courses available online include Cold Weather Operations, Warm Weather Operations, and Weather Radar with NextRad.

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