FlightSafety Delivers Vital X Visual System to NASA

LA GUARDIA AIRPORT, NEW YORK (October 2, 2007) – FlightSafety International announces that it has delivered a VITAL X three channel visual system to the Ames Research Center of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

“The selection of FlightSafety’s VITAL X visual system by NASA highlights our design and engineering capabilities, manufacturing expertise and ability to deliver products that meet or exceed the technical and commercial requirements of our customers,” said Jon Hester, General Manager, Visual Systems, FlightSafety International.

The VITAL X visual system is being installed on NASA’s Advanced Concepts Flight Simulator used to research new cockpit technologies and associated flight crew behavior.

FlightSafety’s VITAL visual systems immerse pilots in a realistic environment that allows them to focus on training. This advanced technology PC-based image system features powerful graphics processors that provide high-resolution satellite imagery and physics-based atmospheric and weather effects for continuous anytime-of-day operations. The VITAL X supports NVG modes, FLIR, ColorTV, LLTV/ EO, ALLTV and DVO sensors and exceeds FAA Level D and DoD Simcert standards.

FlightSafety Simulation designs and manufactures advanced full flight simulators, training devices and visual systems that can replicate the operating characteristics of virtually any aircraft or ship. The company has produced over 700 visual systems and more than 400 simulators in the past two decades, including simulators for over 50 aircraft types in the past five years alone. The simulators are part of an integrated training system, used throughout the company’s network of Learning Centers and by many other leading commercial, government and military organizations worldwide.

“FlightSafety Simulation products incorporate more than 50 years of simulation expertise and the experience gained training thousands of pilots, aircraft technicians and other aviation professionals,” said Rick Armstrong, Vice President Simulation, FlightSafety International.

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier aviation training organization. Over 75,000 pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals train at FlightSafety facilities each year. The company designs and manufactures full flight simulators for civil and military aircraft programs and operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full flight simulators at 40 training locations.