FlightSafety Introduces Simulator-Based Upset Prevention and Recovery Training Course for Gulfstream GV and G550 Pilots

NEW YORK (October 20, 2014) – FlightSafety International introduces a new Upset Prevention and Recovery course for Gulfstream GV and G550 pilots. The course is offered at FlightSafety’s Learning Center in Savannah, Georgia. In order to attend pilots must be type rated in the aircraft.

“FlightSafety’s new Upset Prevention and Recovery course sets a new standard in training,” said David Davenport, Senior Vice President. “The two main objectives of the course are to help avoid in-flight loss of control and to recover the aircraft from upset if prevention is not possible.”

“The new aerodynamic model we developed and incorporated into the Gulfstream G550 simulator enables pilots to experience and recover from full aerodynamic stalls and over-speed conditions in a safe and controlled environment,” said John Van Maren, Vice President, Simulation. “The model was created with actual aircraft flight test data and validated by test pilots to perform like the actual aircraft.”

The classroom portion of the course includes low and high speed aerodynamics, stability and control, aircraft performance, and upset recovery techniques. Once in the simulator, pilots will learn to recognize, experience, and recover from full aerodynamic stall. They will then learn to recover from flights in over-speed conditions. Understanding these two flight regimes is critical to the proper and accurate techniques needed to recover from the many upset scenarios the pilots will study.

This new course and simulator gives FlightSafety the unique ability to provide upset prevention and recovery training for specific Gulfstream aircraft models. A portion of the training will be done under night and Instrument Meteorological Conditions that are hazardous to accomplish in an actual aircraft.

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