FlightSafety to Demonstrate Hypoxia Awareness Training at NBAA

LA GUARDIA AIRPORT, New York (October 16, 2006) – FlightSafety will be conducting Hypoxia Awareness Training demonstrations in conjunction with the company’s Graphical Flight Simulator during this year’s National Business Aviation Association Annual Convention and Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Convention attendees and members of the media that visit the FlightSafety exhibit, (# 5157) located in the South Hall of the Orlando Convention Center, are invited to receive a briefing on the benefits of the company’s Hypoxia Awareness Training and experience its effects while performing basic flight related tasks in a Graphical Flight Simulator.

“FlightSafety’s Hypoxia Awareness Training, conducted at our Learning Centers in full flight simulators, is becoming a key training program for many professional flight departments,” said Bruce Whitman, President & CEO, FlightSafety International. “We strongly encourage NBAA attendees to take advantage of this demonstration opportunity during NBAA.”

The Hypoxia Awareness Training Program offered at FlightSafety Learning Centers includes comprehensive ground school and hypoxia profiles that are conducted in a full-flight simulator. Developed in conjunction with the Aerospace Medicine section of the Mayo Clinic, the program offers a safer, more efficient method of Hypoxia Awareness Training than that provided in hypobaric chambers. This enables pilots to experience their individual symptoms of Hypoxia and trains them to take appropriate corrective action in a realistic flight environment.

A trained observer as well as a co-pilot will monitor each pilot during training. He or she will experience a gradual loss of oxygen to a simulated altitude of 22,500 feet while performing routine in-flight activities.

Hypoxia is defined as a lack of oxygen or the inability of the body to utilize sufficient oxygen. The symptoms of Hypoxia vary among individuals and usually progresses in stages from slowing of reaction times, to errors in judgment and eventual loss of consciousness. FlightSafety training focuses on awareness and recognition of early onset symptoms and corrective action.

FlightSafety Hypoxia Awareness Training will be available at the company’s Learning Centers in Dallas/ Fort Worth, Orlando, Savannah, Teterboro, Wichita Cessna and Wichita Raytheon.

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier aviation training organization. Over 75,000 pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals train at FlightSafety facilities each year. The company designs and manufactures full flight simulators for civil and military aircraft programs and operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full flight simulators at 40 training locations.