FlightSafety Adds Master-Level Advanced Training Courses for Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, and Pilatus Aircraft

NEW YORK (October 31, 2016) – FlightSafety International announces the addition of Master-Level Advanced Training courses for Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Citation, Dassault Falcon, Gulfstream, and Pilatus aircraft.

“The ongoing expansion of FlightSafety’s Advanced Training program demonstrates our commitment and ability to develop and deliver Master-Level courses that provide unmatched depth and effectiveness, and have a significant positive impact on safety,” said David Davenport, Executive Vice President.

The courses include Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training, Advanced Rejected Takeoff Go/No-Go, Advanced Crew Resource Management/Human Factors Line-Oriented Flight Training, and Advanced Energy Management.

All four courses will be available for Gulfstream GV, G280, G450, G550, G650, Cessna Citation CJ3 and Latitude. Advanced Rejected Takeoff Go/No-Go, Advanced Energy Management and Advanced CRM Human Factors LOFT are offered for the Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy and Falcon 900EX EASy. Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is now available for the Pilatus PC-12 and PC-12NG. It is currently being developed for the Beechcraft King Air 350.

“We expect to deliver close to 600 Advanced Courses during 2016 at our Learning Centers in Dallas, Hong Kong, Long Beach, Savannah, Teterboro, Wichita, and Wilmington,” added David Davenport.

The courses are part of FlightSafety’s progressive Master Aviator curriculum. They are designed to build upon the fundamentals covered by initial and recurrent training. Master Aviator is earned by completing advanced aircraft-specific core courses and a choice of electives. At least one FlightSafety initial or recurrent training event must also be completed every eight months.

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier professional aviation training company and supplier of flight simulators, visual systems and displays to commercial, government and military organizations. The company provides more than 1.3 million hours of training each year to pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals from 167 countries and independent territories. FlightSafety operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full-flight simulators at Learning Centers and training locations in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

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