FlightSafety International to Build New Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio

NEW YORK (April 29, 2014) – FlightSafety International announces that it will build a new Learning Center in Columbus, Ohio.

“FlightSafety is proud to have been a member of the Columbus community since 1999,” said Bruce Whitman, President & CEO. “Investing in this new Learning Center demonstrates FlightSafety’s commitment to provide Customers and Teammates with efficient, comfortable and conveniently located facilities. Every aspect is designed to enhance safety by providing the highest quality training programs and services using advanced technology simulators.”

Construction of the new facility will be completed in two phases. Phase one will be 55,000 square feet and house six full flight simulators. It will also feature 13 advanced technology pilot and maintenance training classrooms, 12 briefing and debriefing rooms, and facilities for 12 Graphical Flight-Deck Simulators. Construction of phase one is scheduled to be completed in December 2014.

Phase two will include an addition of up to 90,000 square feet. This will provide space for more classrooms, flight simulators, and other advanced training equipment. The exact timing and size of the addition will be determined by FlightSafety based on Customer needs.

“FlightSafety International is a global company specializing in safety, one of the most vital elements of the aviation industry,” said Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman. “We are pleased with FlightSafety’s continued investment in Columbus, and we are proud of the important work the company is doing.”

The current Columbus Learning Center offers comprehensive training programs for aircraft manufactured by Bombardier, Cessna, Dassault, Embraer, Gulfstream, and Hawker. The Center’s 10 full flight simulators are for the Bombardier Challenger 350 and Global Vision 6000, Cessna Citation Excel, Citation Sovereign, Citation X, Citation XLS, Dassault Falcon 2000, Embraer Phenom 300, Gulfstream G200, and Hawker 900XP aircraft. The Phenom 300 simulator is used exclusively by NetJets.

“Columbus has a long history of aviation successes we can all be proud of,” said Councilmember Michelle M. Mills, chair of the Development Committee. “Port Columbus helped introduce America to passenger air service, Columbus workers helped propel the space shuttle into orbit, and for the last 15 years, FlightSafety International has helped train the world’s best and brightest pilots to fly all around the world.”

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier professional aviation training company and supplier of flight simulators, visual systems and displays to commercial, government and military organizations. The company provides more than a million hours of training each year to pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals from 167 countries and independent territories. FlightSafety operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full flight simulators at Learning Centers and training locations in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.