FlightSafety Introduces Confident Flight

LA GUARDIA AIRPORT, New York (October 16, 2006) – FlightSafety is introducing Confident Flight, a full flight simulator based training course for business aircraft passengers designed to increase confidence and alleviate anxiety.

“Confident Flight will help passengers to develop a better understanding of the aircraft and the actions of the flight crew. Flying in a full flight simulator will make them make more confident and increase their appreciation of the many benefits of business aviation,” said Scott Fera, Vice President of Marketing, FlightSafety International.

Confident Flight will provide passengers with a basic understanding of the circumstances and related activities that can contribute to anxiety. The course touches on aircraft basic flying characteristics and aerodynamics, weather issues and challenges, the air traffic control system and the comprehensive training flight crews receive.

The one-day training course will also offer stress-reduction techniques and discuss the physiological and emotional triggers that can cause anxiety when flying. The goal is to help passengers develop an appreciation for the high level of safety and understand and modify their reactions to the normal operating sounds, sensations and environment of an aircraft in order to make their flights more enjoyable.

FlightSafety International is the world’s premier aviation training organization. Over 75,000 pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals train at FlightSafety facilities each year. The company designs and manufactures full flight simulators for civil and military aircraft programs and operates the world’s largest fleet of advanced full flight simulators at 40 training locations.