FlightSafety Offers Business and General Aviation Security Awareness Workshop

LA GUARDIA AIRPORT, New York (October 16, 2006) – FlightSafety is introducing a new Business and General Aviation Security Awareness Workshop.

This workshop is designed to help Flight Departments establish or build upon a process to standardize and adopt a proactive security culture. Highly experienced aviation security instructors that are experts in force protection and counter-terrorism measures will teach the two-day course. These professionals have previously developed a screening curriculum for the Department of Homeland Security and successfully trained more than 29,000 TSA screening agents.

“The Business and General Aviation Security Awareness Workshop will provide our customers with information and implementation strategies to enhance security using proven processes and techniques developed by industry experts,” said Scott Fera, Vice President of Marketing, FlightSafety International.

FlightSafety consulted with a number of customers and subject matter experts during the development of this workshop. Concerns raised during the process include the observations that Business Aviation faces a number of security challenges without many of the security systems and guidelines used in commercial aviation and the fact that business and general aviation airports significantly outnumber their commercial counterparts.

This Workshop will help Flight Departments to minimize security risk exposure, comply with current foreign and domestic security requirements and to evaluate and enhance their current security efforts. It will also highlight a number of economical methods to enhance security and offer ways to effectively communicate with the media in the event of a security concern or breach.

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